Friday, August 23, 2019

Individual Report- To be effective, leadership and management Coursework

Individual Report- To be effective, leadership and management development must be aligned to organisational strategy - Coursework Example dership and Management Development (LMD) must be aligned with organizational strategy, because effective leadership aids in developing an effective culture, so that the employees and leaders are able work in a collaborative manner to accomplish the organization goals. Through effective leadership and management of operations, complexities in an organisation can be mitigated and it is also possible to build a healthy relationship among the management and employees (Burgoyne & et. al., 2004). In this context, the coursework intends to explain about LMD along with the purposes and objectives of LMD. The effectiveness of LMD and its linkage to the performance as well as productivity of an organisation has been discussed. It also intends to explain about the association between talent management and management development cycle along with performance measurement as well as assessment. Explanation has also been made in relation to training and development activities, which are part of LMD. Leadership can be defined as a motivation factor through which leaders are able to motivate the junior employees to perform their tasks effectively to attain the organizational goals. LMD can be defined as one of the major strategies, which is essential for the development of organisational as well as leadership culture along with effective management of operations. Leadership and management are identified to be similar in terms of motivating the junior employees and both required people to work together to accomplish organizational goals (Kotter, 2015). But in certain cases, leadership and management are recognised to be different owing to the fact that leadership have the ability to change the attitude of subordinates and on the other hand, management only can change the behaviour of employees. In this context, LMD is required for the development of an organisation in terms of economic growth and business sustainability in the long run. LMD is a vital concept for enhancing

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